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Savageau Roy F(701-297-0577)
Anderson Eugene(701-874-2460)
Beach Lorraine(701-436-5086)
Christianson Bernice A(701-436-4387)
Christianson M(701-436-4065)
Diehl Ida(701-436-5058)
Health and Humanities Foundation(701-636-4353)
Henning Lyle E(701-436-4358)
Hillsboro Manor Housing Inc(701-636-4353)
McInnes Margie(701-636-4014)
McInnes Warren(701-636-4014)
McSparron Mildred B(701-636-3991)
Mergenthal Earl(701-436-5437)
Meyer William A(701-636-5696)
Scholand Joseph(701-636-4543)
Thompson Molly(701-636-5888)
Trudel Luella(701-636-2473)
Gehrke Richard(701-436-4872)
Punton Lowell(701-636-5691)
Schlichtmann Ina(701-636-5046)
Pastian Kris(701-636-5347)
Haines for Hair(701-636-4563)
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