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Feiring Ron(701-859-5288)
Alamo City of(701-664-3305)
Enbride Pipelines Inc(701-694-3861)
Enbridge Pipelines Nd Llc(701-694-3861)
Fire Hall(701-694-6201)
Grenora Ambulance Hall(701-694-6204)
Grenora City of(701-694-2444)
Grenora Golf Course(701-694-4555)
Grenora High(701-694-2721)
Heckman Kenneth(701-834-2482)
Herman Lee(701-834-2462)
Johnson A(701-694-6232)
Johnson Lavern(701-694-4672)
Johnson R(701-694-6232)
Krenz Dwayne O(701-694-3282)
Krogen Evelene(701-694-2261)
Ledahl Jerome(701-694-3441)
Lee Duane(701-834-2425)
Leininger Elaine(701-834-2423)
Leininger George(701-834-2423)
Lester Kimberly(701-694-3043)
Lutheran Parsonage(701-694-4011)
McNamara Timothy(701-694-2603)
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