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Cavalier County of(701-283-5132)
Walker Todd(701-599-2664)
Walle Lutheran Church(701-599-2382)
Wasness Amy(701-599-9014)
Wasness Kim '(701-599-2643)
Waxvik Katherine(701-599-2358)
Waxvik Rick(701-599-2358)
Weber Bill(701-599-2619)
Weber D(701-599-2276)
Weber James(701-599-2481)
Weber Lawrence(701-599-2221)
Wilde Frank Jr(701-599-2298)
Willard J(701-599-2522)
Williams Dawn(701-599-2116)
Williams Todd R(701-599-2116)
Wilson Wayne(701-599-2682)
Winters Duane(701-599-2346)
Quality Care Landscaping & T(701-746-5230)
Varnson Bonny(701-746-5230)
Varnson Wayne(701-746-5230)
Staveteig Betty(701-775-8841)
Staveteig George(701-775-8841)
Lundgren Tom J(701-746-4080)
Morten John SR(701-746-8630)
Riveland Robin(701-599-9054)
Riveland Wayne(701-599-9054)
Waldron Karen(701-599-2120)
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