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Aamodt Brenda(701-246-3238)
Adams Sharene(701-798-2757)
Cartier S(701-798-2030)
Deckert Paula(701-798-2607)
Ellingson Leslie(701-798-2651)
Greene Orrin J(701-798-2272)
Griffin Abe(701-798-2881)
Griffin Abie D(701-798-2888)
Hager John L(701-798-2826)
Hanson Ever(701-798-2193)
Harris Jimmy D(701-798-2500)
Hegg Harris(701-798-2035)
Hegland Jarvis(701-798-2685)
Hillebrand Michelle(701-798-2532)
Hillebrand Mike(701-798-2299)
Holter Darren(701-798-2468)
Holter Leann(701-798-2468)
Jordre Bros(701-798-2663)
Jordre Viola E(701-798-2161)
Karen's Place(701-798-9991)
Madson David A(701-798-2852)
Nelson James C(701-798-2241)
Nelson Shirley(701-798-2503)
Nelson Wayne(701-798-2503)
Nielsen Clarence(701-798-2662)
Nielson Jens(701-798-2531)
Nielson Vernice(701-798-2531)
Nilson Brad(701-798-2767)
Oberon School(701-798-2231)
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