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Adams Sharene(701-798-2757)
Lutheran Home of the Good Shepherd I(701-947-2944)
Melin Lillian(701-947-2477)
Omoth Dorothy(701-947-5388)
Rindt Alice(701-947-2927)
Schiestel Matilda(701-947-5004)
Swenson Agnes(701-947-2244)
New Rockford Public Library(701-947-5540)
Fortney Paul(701-947-2335)
Viking Electric(701-302-0229)
Cudworth Amy(701-947-2090)
Gehrtz David(701-947-2903)
Nicolai Chiropractic Center(701-947-2121)
Schuchard Joe(701-947-2503)
Schuchard Kathy(701-947-2503)
South Central District(701-947-2121)
Waldo Alan(701-947-2138)
Waldo Kathy(701-947-2138)
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