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Aafedt Leland(701-259-2597)
Mayville City of(701-788-3388)
Mayville Congregational United Church O(701-788-3755)
Holt Ethelind(701-786-4241)
Holt Lindy(701-788-9190)
Meritcare Mayville Optical(701-786-2666)
Rexine Michael Od(701-786-2666)
Super 8 of Mayville(701-786-9081)
Badder Wayne(701-786-4258)
Biehn Nick(701-786-4031)
Stubs Bar(701-786-3542)
May-Port Barbershop(701-786-2326)
Primevest Financial Services(701-788-9030)
The First and Farmers Bank(701-788-9030)
Traill County Tribune & Courier(701-788-3281)
Gillett John(701-788-8862)
Coffin Ethel(701-786-3640)
Coffin Roy(701-786-3640)
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