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Anderson Dean(701-949-2832)
Edinburg Cafe(701-993-8777)
Norby's Diner(701-993-8777)
Tronset Supply Company(701-993-8455)
Dakota Services(701-993-8631)
Citizens State Bank(701-993-8625)
Fireside Lounge(701-993-8242)
J & J Superette & Locker Plant(701-993-8621)
Main Street Computers(701-993-8120)
Espelien Blanche(701-993-8133)
Espelien Reuben(701-993-8133)
Evenson Eunice(701-993-8317)
Evenson John M(701-993-8317)
Upholstery Place(701-993-8127)
Sondeland Brothers Shop(701-993-8280)
Borg Pioneer Memorial Home(701-993-8620)
Nygard Malinda(701-993-8223)
Nygard Mark(701-993-8223)
Samdahl Ada L(701-993-8452)
Grove Scot A(701-993-8522)
Johnson Gilman(701-993-8408)
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